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URSAPHARM is a company that like no other one in the Saarland stands for the successful combination of innovative capacity and tradition. Since the foundation in the year 1974 the pharmaceutical manufacturer has developed to a global operating group of companies. Numerous innovative products and patents secure the future of the company and offer excellent working conditions as well as promising future prospects to more than 500 highly qualified employees at the headquarters in Saarbrücken and in the distribution countries. With its own subsidiaries in France, the Benelux Countries, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Portugal, Russia, India and Italy as well as cooperation agreements with sales partners in over 74 countries URSAPHARM has developed in the last decades to a true global player that nowadays is working far beyond the local borders. Nevertheless the company has kept alive the relation to the homeland and the proverbial down-to-earth attitude.

The COMOD® system – the safe solution for your eyes

Above all, eye drops should have good tolerability and be germ-free in order to protect sensitive eyes. Eye drops often contain preserving agents, such as benzalkonium chloride, in order to prevent them from being contaminated with germs. However, these additives are not harmless: they can cause allergies, impede the regeneration of eye tissue and further reinforce the symptoms of dry eyes.

In order to avoid this problem, URSAPHARM has developed the innovative COMOD® system: The name COMOD stands for COntinuous MOno Dose and describes an integrated AIRLESS application system. It keeps the liquid sterile as well as sealed airtight, and thereby makes it possible to do completely without preserving agents of any kind. All eye drops in the HYLO® family are supplied in bottles with the patented COMOD® system and are therefore preservative-free, have a long shelf life after opening and can also be accurately dispensed.

Preservative-free nasal spray – The 3K® system makes preservatives superfluous

Decongestive nasal sprays clear your nose quickly and easily. That is why they are very popular against colds and are frequently used. But many products actually contain preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride, even though these have been criticised for some time. The role of preservatives is to kill germs in medicinal preparations and thus to maintain the microbiological quality of the solution after the multi-dose container has been opened. However, benzalkonium chloride can provoke allergic reactions such as swelling, redness and itching. That is why consumers should rather turn to preservative-free nasal sprays.

The complete hysan® range of nasal sprays does not contain any preservatives. This is made possible by a technical innovation: the 3K® system is a cutting-edge application system for discharging liquid medicinal preparations which keeps the contents permanently sterile. So the use of preservatives like benzalkonium chloride is superfluous. The heart of the 3K® system is a so-called NON-AIRLESS pump, which reliably prevents the contents of the container from being contaminated.

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