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Breaking the traditional concept that only protects the surface of the skin, high-quality skin needs to know how to protect "cells".



by Reichpharm

Many people are troubled by skin damage because it directly leads to many intolerable skin conditions. However, many healthcare professionals and users have given unanimous praise for "Wasser Dermatitis Cream." But how much do you really know about Wasser? This time, we will introduce you to the unique technology and strengths of Wasser and Ectoine®.

Wasser Dermatitis Cream is mainly designed for dry skin, sensitivity, redness, susceptibility to irritation, postoperative or damaged skin. Unlike ordinary moisturizing skincare products on the market, Wasser Dermatitis Cream contains the patented repair ingredient developed by the German pharmaceutical company Bitop—Ectoine®. Ectoine® can attract water molecules near the cells, allowing them to interact with each other and stabilize nearby organic biomolecules (such as proteins) to form a highly stable and protective unique structure. When Ectoine® molecules are applied to the skin, the Ectoine® molecule will wrap itself and nearby proteins or cell membranes in a layer of water. This structure is called the “Ectoine® Hydro Complex.”

Ectoine® Hydro Complex is a highly stable and protective unique structure that forms a protective layer on the cell membrane or lipid surface, stabilizes the structure of cells, and supports the fluidity of the cell membrane layer, providing the strongest barrier to resist external invasion. Ectoine® Hydro Complex can protect human epithelial cells from the effects of bacteria, allergens, UV rays, air pollution, heat, or dryness. The natural structure of biological molecules (such as proteins) is strengthened, ensuring the activity of cells. Therefore, the causes of inflammation and various inflammatory conditions of the skin, nose, eyes, lungs, and other parts of the body caused by these factors are reduced.


What sets Ectoine® apart is its ability to act on the cellular level of protection and repair, which is completely different from products on the market that only increase skin moisture on the surface. Just moisturizing alone does not offer much help for damaged or inflamed skin, and it does not solve the fundamental problem. “Cell-level” repair is the key to permanently improving skin conditions.

Is Wasser Dermatitis Cream a “medicated cream” or a “general skin care cream”?

Wasser Dermatitis Cream does not contain any Western medicine ingredients, steroids, or hormones, making it suitable for infants and people of all ages. However, Wasser is also different from general skin care creams because it contains the unique patented ingredient Ectoine®, which is extracted and cultivated from microorganisms that live in extreme environments and is suitable for any skin problem. Wasser can effectively repair and strengthen the moisture barrier by working with the skin’s original ingredients, structure, and operating methods, rebuilding the protective function, and restoring the skin’s original healthy state. It is very suitable for damaged, reddened, and itchy skin caused by dryness.

Wasser Dermatitis Cream can help you solve the following 10 skin problems:

  1. Reduce inflammatory responses in the epidermal cells and strengthen the regeneration process to help soothe and calm irritated and damaged skin.
  2. Provide stability and reinforce protective properties to the physical barrier of atopic dermatitis skin.
  3. Increase skin moisture content, reduce dryness, and provide efficient hydration in 7 days.
  4. Soothe facial itching and redness.
  5. Reduce redness and itching symptoms of atopic dermatitis.
  6. Protect the skin’s immune system and prevent UVA-induced skin aging and damage.
  7. Can be used for acute skin problems.
  8. Enhance the “hydration effect” to repair damaged skin barriers.
  9. Can be used in conjunction with topical corticosteroid medication for acute flare-ups of skin.
  10. Effective independent or adjunctive therapy for mild to moderate atopic dermatitis patients.

Wasser Dermatitis Cream contains not only Ectoine® but also other auxiliary ingredients to moisturize and repair the skin in combination with Ectoine®. Below, we will show you the auxiliary ingredients and efficacy of WWasser Dermatitis Cream, as well as various characteristics of Wasser.