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Clinical Evidence Speaks: Analyzing the Various Benefits of Wasser Dermatitis Cream!



by Reichpharm

Unlike skincare brands in the general market that focus solely on amplifying performance, Wasser Dermatitis Cream sets itself apart. Behind every claimed benefit, Wasser is backed by real data and supported by research reports.

Eczema, atopic dermatitis, and sensitive redness are conditions that many people have experienced. From infants just a few months old to elderly individuals in their seventies or eighties, anyone can be afflicted with skin problems. Typically, these skin issues bring about inflammation, redness, swelling, dryness, itching, and pain. In addition to numerous instances of damage and scabbing, the skin becomes increasingly thick and loses its original elasticity and suppleness, causing significant discomfort. Moreover, the market is flooded with a variety of products, with a single brand offering over ten different options. This leaves many sufferers feeling lost and unsure about how to choose the right product for themselves.

Every benefit of Wasser has been confirmed through precise and rigorous research, without any exaggeration!

The market is flooded with a variety of skincare brands, offering a wide range of products. Each brand launches multiple products targeting different skin conditions, with various textures and functions, constantly striving to secure a place in the vast market. This plethora of options may captivate the hearts of consumers or patients, promising comprehensive solutions. However, it’s unfortunate that the turnover rate for these brands’ products is unusually high. After a period of time, they introduce new ingredients or products to the market, which may appear similar in functionality to their predecessors, leaving consumers and patients confused about the actual differences. The new products are aggressively promoted and priced higher than the previous generation, creating the notion that newer means more powerful and better suited for oneself.

In reality, what patients need are medical products that genuinely alleviate their discomfort and improve their suffering and troubles. The fundamental goal of pharmaceutical companies should be to develop effective ingredients, improve patients’ symptoms, and create products that stand the test of time. These products should be suitable for different symptoms, different ages, and different individuals. The effects should remain consistent whether they are used 10 years ago or 10 years from now, without being outdated by the times. This was the original intention behind the development of “Wasser Regenerate Skin Relief Ointment.”

The following will explain in detail the various effects of “Wasser Dermatitis Cream ” based on multiple medical research reports:

1. Wasser® Protection of lipid membranes

Cell membranes are lipid double layers with integrated proteins and surface pro- teins. They possess specific ion channels, transport systems and receptors respon- sible for the signal transduction.The viability of the cells is highly associated with the efficiency of these systems. Many external factors, like temperature, radicals, pH, UV radiation, and tensides, can disturb the balance of the systems and damage the membrane.

In a red blood cell assay, ectoine® showed significant protective and stabilising effects on cell membranes. This assay investigates the denaturising nature of different substances on erythrocytes. Membrane damage leads to a release of the haemoglobin and thus to a red colour in the surrounding media, which can
be measured photometrically. Erythrocytes have been pretreated with 1% ectoine or lecithin as positive control for one hour and stressed with different tensides.

Ectoine® protects cell membranes against all kind of damaging tensides used in this test. It is even more efficient than the positive control lecithin (O-phosphatidyl- choline), whose stabilising properties are well known.

The concentration and time dependency of this membrane stabilising effect of Ectoine®. The higher the ectoine concentration the greater the protective effect against membrane damage. Prolonged incubation resulted in an increase in membrane stability of 30% after 6 hours and 60% after 24 hours. Thus, the longer the cells are pretreated with ectoine® the greater the protective effect.


2.Wasser® decrease of inflammation process caused by external pollutants

The stabilising Ectoine®Hydro Complex also decreases inflammation processes caused by external pollutants like UV radiation. The UVA-induced signal transduction is triggered by release of ceramides (second messenger) in the cell membrane and can be measured by activation of AP-2 and generation of ICAM-1.

* The dynamic balance between keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation is crucial in controlling wound healing. However, if keratinocytes undergo pathological changes due to certain reasons, combined with a predisposition to susceptible genes within the body, it can trigger continuous keratinocyte proliferation, leading to the development of psoriasis.
**In biology, second messengers are intracellular signaling molecules that play a crucial role in transmitting signals within cells to trigger physiological changes such as proliferation, cell differentiation, migration, survival, and cell apoptosis. They act as intermediate messengers between cell surface receptors and intracellular signaling pathways.

3. Wasser® protection of the immune system of the skin

Langerhans cells are one of the key components for the immune system of human skin. They are very sensitive against external stress factors, like UV stress. There- fore an effective protection of these cells is extremely important. The forearm of each participant was either pretreated with Ectoine®cream or placebo formulation and irradiated with UV after 14 weeks. The number of Langerhans cells was deter- mined. Under the influence of UV radiation a significant reduction in the number of Langerhans cells (~50%) was achieved. Pretreatment with placebo led to no significant protection against UV-induced reduction of Langerhans cells. In contrast, pretreatment with a 0.3% and 0.5% Ectoine®cream resulted in high and significant protection against the reduction of the number of Langerhans cells.

#Oberving skin condition from blocking water loss
To show the protection of the human skin barrier function by Ectoine®creams the influence of different Ectoine®containing formulations on the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) was investigated. Five independent studies with various Ectoine®con- centrations (1–5%) and altogether over 70 patients were carried out. Transepider- mal water loss in humans with sensitive skin and with atopic skin was significantly reduced due to treatment with Ectoin®cream formulation.

# Observation of skin condition from allergic redness
The influence of the Ectoine®Hydro Complex on skin roughness and scaliness was investigated in three independent studies with different Ectoine®concentrations (2% and 5% Ectoine®). Ectoine®reduced skin roughness up to 86% after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment and skin scaliness up to 70% after 3 to 4 weeks of treatment. Additionally, the skin of 20 test persons was stressed with SDS and the erythema was measured. After 7 days of treatment with placebo and Ectoine®cream formula- tion, respectively, the reduction of the erythema was determined.

4. Wasser® long-term moisturizing effect of ectoine

The human skin and other epithelia like the nasal mucosa and the eye epithelia have complex epidermal fluid regulation systems. The balance of these systems can be easily disturbed by external stress factors, like tensides, high or low tem- perature, or low humidity. These lead to dry skin or mucosa. It was shown that Ectoine® increases the skin hydration by up to 39%. The results also show that Ectoine® maintains a considerably greater degree of skin moisture than untreated or placebo-treated skin, even after 24 hours. Ectoine® protects skin against rapid dehydration after direct application of hygroscopic silica gel. Skin moisture can be maintained for a longer period of time by topically applying Ectoine®.

In a further series of experiments, the long-term moisturising effect of Ectoine® was evaluated. The test was carried out on the forearm of volunteers. 0.5% and 1% Ectoine® were applied twice a day for 12 days. The skin hydration was measured from day 8 to day 12. On day 12, the application of Ectoin®was stopped for 7 days, detect- ing the skin hydration finally at day 19. After 8 days of application, the hydration increased markedly up to 200% compared with the placebo-treated skin and re- mained constant until the end of the testing period. Although the topical applica- tion was stopped on day 12, the actual hydration status was preserved for further 7 days underlining a significant long-term moisturising effect of Ectoine®.