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Don't rub your eyes anymore! What are the causes of foreign body sensations in your eyes?


by Reichpharm

According to surveys, 3 out of 10 people in Hong Kong suffer from dry eye syndrome¹, indicating that the symptoms are becoming increasingly common in the city. The number of patients with severe dry eye syndrome is also on the rise, and ignoring the symptoms for a prolonged period can lead to vision impairment and corneal diseases. What symptoms does dry eye syndrome trigger? Find out in the following article to awaken your eye care tips and maintain clear and comfortable vision throughout the day!


5 Symptoms of foreign body sensation in the eyes

Dry eye syndrome occurs when there is insufficient tear secretion, excessive tear evaporation, or uneven tear distribution in the eyes, leading to the inability to keep the eye surface moist and causing some annoying symptoms. Here are 5 common feelings about foreign objects in the eyes:

  • Stinging sensation: Feeling like something is rubbing or irritating the eyeball.
  • Gritty sensation: Sensation of having sand or foreign objects in the eyeball, causing discomfort.
  • Burning sensation: Feeling burning or scorching in the eyes, unable to open them.
  • Excessive tearing: The continuous sensation of foreign objects in the eyes leads to excessive tear secretion.
  • Blurred vision: The sensation of foreign objects may interfere with normal vision, causing blurry vision.

Major Causes of foreign body sensation in the eyes

  1. Dry eyes:
    Dryness can be caused by various factors such as prolonged computer use, a dry environment, and prolonged air conditioning or heating exposure. When the surface of the eyeball is not moist enough, it can lead to a feeling of foreign objects and may even cause a stinging or burning sensation.
  2. Eye fatigue:
    Prolonged staring at electronic devices, reading, or engaging in detailed work can cause eye fatigue and tension in the muscles around the eyes, leading to discomfort.
  3. Eye injury:
    External impact, abrasion, or friction on the eyes can cause a feeling of foreign objects. These injuries may damage the tissues on the eye’s surface, stimulate the eye’s sensory nerves, and make the eyes feel the presence of foreign objects.
  4. Allergic reactions:
    Allergic eyes may react to certain external stimuli such as pollen, dust mites, or pet dander. These allergens can enter the eyes and cause redness, itching, stinging, and a feeling of foreign objects.
  5. Eye infection:
    Eye infections (such as conjunctivitis) are common causes of feeling foreign objects. When bacteria or other microorganisms infect the eyes, they may become red, swollen, painful, feel foreign objects, and even produce secretions.

4 Methods to Relieve foreign body sensation in the eyes

  1. Blinking:
    Blinking is a movement of the eyelids that stimulates tear gland secretion, evenly distributes tears on the eyeballs, washes away impurities and foreign objects on the eye’s surface, and provides oxygen to the cornea, keeping the eyes moist. In addition, blinking stimulates the flow of tears, thereby flushing out any foreign objects that may be present on the surface of the eyes.
  2. Use preservatives-free eye drops:
    If the feeling of foreign objects persists, you can use eye drops with soothing and lubricating effects to clean your eyes. These products can remove dirt from the eyes’ surface and relieve the feeling of foreign objects.
  3. Avoid rubbing your eyes:
    When the eyes feel uncomfortable or foreign objects are present, we tend to instinctively rub our eyes, which only exacerbates the discomfort and may allow more foreign objects to enter the eyes. Habitually rubbing your eyes can also further damage the eyes’ surface, leading to more severe eye injuries or infections, so it is important to avoid rubbing your eyes when dealing with a feeling of foreign objects.
  4. Seek professional help:
    If you have tried the above methods but the feeling of foreign objects persists, or if you experience severe pain, blurred vision, or redness/swelling of the eyes, you should seek help from an ophthalmologist. They can evaluate your eye condition and provide appropriate treatment recommendations.

4 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Significantly Reduce the Discomfort of foreign body sensation in the eyes

Feeling foreign objects in the eyes is a common problem, but we can take some preventive measures to reduce the frequency of occurrence. Here are some tips on how to prevent feeling foreign objects in the eyes:

  1. Avoid contact with harmful substances in the eyes :
    Some harmful substances, such as dust, chemicals, and smoke, can quickly enter the eyes and cause a foreign body sensation in the eyes. Therefore, wear appropriate eye protection equipment, such as safety goggles or masks, to prevent these substances from entering the eyes.
  2. APersonal hygiene:
    Maintaining good personal hygiene habits is also essential to prevent feeling foreign objects in the eyes. Washing hands frequently, especially before touching the eyes, can reduce the chance of bacteria and germs entering the eyes. In addition, avoid sharing personal eye care products such as eye drops or eye masks with others to prevent cross-infection.
  3. AMaintain air quality:
    Ensure good ventilation indoors and avoid indoor air pollution from smoke dust. To improve air quality, air purifiers or indoor plants can reduce eye irritation and discomfort.
  4. ARegular eye exam:
    Regular eye exams are an essential step in protecting eye health. Eye problems are often not easily detected in the early stages. The early detection and treatment of eye problems can prevent discomfort.

We recommend Ursapharm Hylo® Fresh moisturizing eye drops For the foreign body sensation in the eyes.

Many types of eye drops are available on the market, and factors such as ingredients and efficacy should be considered when selecting them. Below is a recommendation for Ursapharm HYLO® FRESH moisturizing eye drops as a treatment for foreign body sensation:

  • Preservative-free and patented bottle design: Using the COMOD®-System patented technology, the eye drops are kept in a sterile state and sealed environment without the need for preservatives, maintaining the quality of the eye drops.
  • Patented Hylo® hyaluronic acid: It is a hydrophilic molecule that can adsorb in water, forming a protective film on the eye’s surface. This helps maintain moisture and hydration and improves the tear film’s stability, helping protect the eyes.
  • Euphrasia Extract: Euphrasia has long been used as a medication for treating conjunctivitis and blepharitis. Due to its vasoconstrictive and antibacterial properties, it can alleviate inflammation and form a protective film on the surface of the eyes, effectively relieving eye fatigue, irritation, and other eye conditions; it can also relieve excessive tear secretion and itching caused by colds and allergies.
  • Drop-by-drop dosage Design: The COMOD® dosage system makes dispensing precisely one drop per pump stroke possible. This means the contents go a long way. The drop dispensed is the same size, producing a constant, reliable effect.

Friendly reminder: Consult your healthcare provider or pharmacist for advice before using this product if you are:
1. Pregnant or breastfeeding.
2. Infants or children.